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A team of thriving NRI Bengali enterprenuers has created this unique portal with some great innovative ideas to share with the fellow community. We try to bridge a gateway between the diminishing cultural interest from Bengali community whether in India or abroad. You will find lots of interested product in this portal which will keep you and you children closer to your roots. We are looking at this as a complete bengali web portal, where natives, probasi and non-probasi could benefit at the utmost and enjoy their daily needs. This cannot be accomplished without the support of the users which is you.

Our Mission Statement is a testament of our objectives and goals. Our Portal is strong and secure and is one of the first community focused on serving the Bengali community.


A Journey from Calcutta to Kolkata-Trailer
About the video  

Calcutta! A fabled land of heritage..Meet the person who came to calcutta for 2 weeks to find out his root.

A city with a collage of multi talented people which you never find in any Indian city.

Explore Kolkata ! A Journey To the future India.

English: 60minutes docu-drama on Calcutta name "A Journey from Calcutta to Kolkata.
Note: A complete documentary on Calcutta.First time in the history.


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